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 Prophet Sheth/Seth
(peace and blessings be upon him)


 Week 1


 Weekly Goal: Introduce Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) and learn about his message/relationship with Allah, his manners towards the people


Introductory Reading

Mom's background reading…what is prophethood in Islam and how does Sheth (peace be upon him) fit into this. Click here to go to Prophethood.


Discussion questions

  1. Why did Allah create us? to worship Allah (which means to believe in and obey Allah)
  2. Did Allah leav people on earth to fend for themselves and to lead themselves? No How did Allah teach people about Allah? through prophets and the books given to prophets
  3. What are some characteristics of a prophet? best in his community morally and intellectually, supported by miracles to prove he is real prophet, says that what he preaches is from God and not from himself and that he is only confirming what was revelaed before him and what may be revealed after him
  4. What did the prophets teach mankind? about Allah, angels, jinn, Heaven, Hell, our purpose, Allah's expectations of us, how to live according to Allah's desires (laws)
  5. How many prophets did Allah send? The Quran mentions 25 but says there were more. Some Muslim scholars say 240 thousand. Allah guided every nation.
  6. Do Muslims have to believe in all of the prophets? Yes


Suggested reading on Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him)

Get to know Prophet here to go to his story.


Discussion questions

  1. Who was Sheth's (peace be upon him) father? Prophet Adam
  2. What was Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) like? Did he believe in Allah or did he follow Shaytan? Allah
  3. Can you name 2 things Prophet Sheth taught his people?
  4. Was Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) nice to his family, his relatives, the poor?
  5. Did Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) thank Allah?


Activity 1

Make a prophet's tree using construction paper (brown trunk, green top, and child's color of choice name tags for Prophet Adam and Sheth) paste nametags here starting with Prophet Adam on base of trunk and Prophet Sheth/Seth above Prophet Adam on trunk. Paste tree onto white poster board and find a nice wall to hang it on so that each month you can continue to add prophets according to lineage chart.


Activity 2

Discuss: Do you follow the teachings of Prophet Sheth? Make a cluster board of Prophet Sheth's beliefs and actions and what the child does. See sample below (Prohet Sheth is in blue, child is in red). Take pictures of your project and post it to be added to the website.

If you can't see the image above, please click here!


Allah knows best. Any errors are my own and any truth is only from Allah.


Click here to go to Prophet Sheth Lessons Week 2