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Prophet Sheth

(peace be upon him)


Prophet Adam (asws) had many children. One of them was named Sheth. Some people also call him Seth. Can you see how similar those names are? What's different and what's the same?

Sheth was Prophet Adam's thrid son. Do you remember Prophet Adam's first two sons, Habil and Qabil? Sheth was born five years after the death of Habil. Prophet Adam (asws) was very sad that Habil was dead. But Allah, in great mercy and kindness, gave Prophet Adam another beloved son. Allah told Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) that he would have a son and from the decendents of this son would come Prophet Muhammad. This made Prophet Adam very happy. Allah's mercy was so great to Prophet Adam that Allah made Sheth look like his father. Prophet Adam love Sheth very much. Prophet Adam taught Sheth the hours of the day and night and told Sheth of a flood that was to come.

Before Prophet Adam died and with Allah's guidance, Prophet Adam appointed Sheth to be his successor. What does this mean...successor? What would Sheth do as a successor?

Now, what do we call Sheth? He's not just an ordinary man; he's a prophet, a nabi.

Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah. Sometimes he would go to a place all alone and pray to Allah. Can you think of anothe rprophet who prayed in seclusion, all by himself? Here's a hint...the Cave of Hira. Yes, you are right! It was Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told us that "Allah sent down one hundred and four psalms, of which fifty were sent to Sheth" (Sahih Al Bukhari narrated by Abu Dharr

Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) taught his people to believe in Allah and to live in peace with others. Prophet Sheth said that mu'mineen, the peole who believe in Allah, should:

  • first of all know Allah
  • then should know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad
  • they should do what their rules asks them to do
  • they should know what the mu'mineen must do for their parents and they should take care of their parents
  • they should be nice to their relatives
  • they should not let their anger get to big and make them do wrong things
  • they should give charity to the poor
  • they should avoid doing bad things and be patient when they are having a hard time or struggling
  • they should always be thankful for Allah's blessings

Wow, masha Allah, Prophet Sheth sounds like a Muslim. Hey, he is a Muslim because all Allah's prophets taught Islam and did what Allah told them to do which is what Muslims do.


Allah knows best. Any errors are my own and

any truth is only from Allah.



From Adam to Muhammad by Abdur Rehman Shad

Qissasul Anbiya translated by Badr Azimabadi