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 Prophet Sheth/Seth
(peace and blessings be upon him)


 Week 2


 Weekly Goal: Then and Now



Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him) probably lived in Babylon that is now Syria and Iraq.


Suggested reading on Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him)

Learn about Ancient Babylon & Mesopotamia


Where was Babylon?


Then and Now

Learn about Syria

Learn about Iraq


Discussion questions

  1. Where is Babylon? present day Syria & Iraq
  2. How long would it take to fly there? How many miles between your city and Baghdad, Iraq? Go to How Far Is It to calculate the distance.
  3. What countries are there now? present day Syria & Iraq
  4. What brought people there? fertile valley between the Tigris and Euphrates
  5. Are people still living there today? yes
  6. How have the land and people changed since the Prophet first called the people to Islam? Now, political countries define the borders. The people read, write and speak Arabic instead of ancient languages and cuneiform writing. Many people still believe in Allah. Some people have drifted away from believing in the teachings of Prophet Sheth but some believe in all of Allah's prophets. Discuss how the people worship.


Activity 1

  1. Find Babylon on map/globe.
  2. Go to and print and color the map. Color the seas and rivers blue. At this site you can also print out a map without labels so the child can label themselves.
  3. For older students visit Map of Ancient Mesopotamia to draw their own map
  4. Put map(s) into 'My Book of Prophets', at the end of the chapter.
  5. Take pictures of your projects and post them to be added to the website.


Activity 2

  1. What is your name in Babylonian Cuneiform? Click here. Copy your name, scan it and post it to the group.


Activity 3

  1. Pick a recipe from Iraq or Syria and treat your family to dinner. Share with us any good recipes!!!


Activity 4

  1. Find a book about Gilgamesh at the library or click here for an on-line story.
  2. Discuss what life was like for Gilgamesh? Is it a non-fiction or fiction? Would you like to live in the time of Gilgamesh? What would you like? Dislike? How would it be different than your life now?
  3. Draw a picture of yourself if you lived next to Gilgamesh.
  4. Visit Ancient Babylonia and the Ishtar Gate at



Allah knows best. Any errors are my own and any truth is only from Allah.