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Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuhu.

Let me know if you find something else helpful or find a dead link!


101 Teaching Phonics - software to teach Spalding phonics $13.45

A Guide to English Grammar by Prof. Darling

A OK Teacher Stuff - educator newsletter with lots of great links

Awesome Library

Children's Literature Web Guide - internet resources for children & young adults

EduFind Grammar - online grammar resource

Grammar Slammer - online grammar resource

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Handwriting Worksheets - manuscript & cursive

Handwriting Practice - manuscript & cursive printable worksheets

Handwriting Worksheets - goes along with 100 Easy Lessons

Institute for Excellence in Writing - links to various writing, reading and grammar sites

KidSource - learning to read lessons and activities

Lesson Plans

Meddybemp's Parent's Guide to teach your child to read


Phonics for English - Yes Phonics based on Orton-Spalding method, flashcards, lesson plans, worksheets

Phonics Worksheets at

Reading - Compact for Reading (gov't)

Reading Games - teach reading

Reading & Writing Links - 4th & 5th grade resources

Starfall - online books and worksheets and games to learn to read...excellent program

Writing - grammar, punctuation, writing process

Writing With Your Child At Home - by Paul Cressman - ideas and links to make writing fun and interesting

Young Author's Workshop Writing a story is a very creative way of passing the time. At the

Young Authors Workshop, children in grades 4 to 7 are taken through

the writing process in a step-by-step fashion, beginning with how to

find ideas for stories and continuing through finding online markets

for publishing those stories.



Penmanship Sites to See
Drills, Skills, & More: Homeschool Curriculum and Educational Supplies
Drills, Skills & More provides curriculum, educational supplies, and other resources to homeschoolers across the United States. Order online today!

Marie's Penmanship Series - Writing Can Help. Penmanship Education Workbooks
Marie's Penmanship Books (Writing Can Help) are a series of books that teach a child to master the art of handwriting, caligraphy, manuscript and other penmanship skills. These workbooks are...

Washington Calligraphers Guild homepage
The Washington Calligraphers Guild promotes calligraphy and the lettering arts in the Washington, DC area.
A composite of CW Norder script and HP Behrensmeyer Flourishing. God Bless America! Promoting the Art of Engrosser's Script & Ornamental Penmanship Engrosser's script exemplar by EA Lupfer There was...

Over,1000 links related to calligraphy by category;bookarts,handwriting,manuscripts,guilds,pens,inks,b ooks,greetingcards,rubberstamps,heraldry,collages,mail art etc...

Penmanship Inc. Handwriting Education Software
Penmanship Inc. is a leading developer of Handwriting Education Software

Startwrite Handwriting Software makes teaching and learning handwriting with custom...
Teachers, Homeschoolers, and parents can create custom handwriting worksheets to teach handwriting or improove penmanship for their children and students. Startwrite has Four of the most popular...

gahoh index Page
Welcome ! to Index Page SŒoQuickTime MoviegY øMå,žÛüàÚü¸ 2002t0311åþ( n"W{2po1893‡WgY penmanship to English Home Page...

a light in the attic.penmanship
alita. 2002 2001 2000 1999 best of march: 1 3 4 5 6 9 february: 3 4 5 7 11 11 17 20 21 22 24 26 27 since quite a few people find their way here through rings or links and not through my site, i should let you know that there is more to my site than

Yahoo! Groups : Ornamental_Penmanship
Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups

Calligraphy Centre | The Written & Hand-Lettered Word | Creative Letterforms
Cheerio: Spring 2002 Book Arts Monique Lallier Welcome to Calligraphy Centre. Artists of the written word. We do calligraphy and we teach it. A love of the written word and it's power to connect...

The Teachers' Parking Lot - Fonts for Teachers-Penmanship Fonts
This page is mirrored here without any ads. Handwriting Practice Sheets If you are looking for ready-made handwriting practice worksheets, please visit these sites: ABC Teach Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Making Tool Between the Lion Bry Back Manor

Hot Topic Penmanship
HOT TOPIC PENMANSHIP Should penmanship be taught to young children? How much time should be spent on it when keyboarding is the skill most children will need in the future? Links to sites on the net that address this topic: Handwriting Exercises to

Yahoo! GeoCities - chin_penmanship's Home Page
chin_penmanship's Home Page I haven't started building my site yet. Please check back soon! Description: penmanship My join date: 2000-08-10 02:31 Start building your site now! Yahoo! PageWizards Easy step-by-step page making. PageBuilder Try our

Med. Economics - Don't Put Up with Partner's Penmanship
Doctors' illegible handwriting is a staple of medical humor, but health care attorney warns that it can also pose a serious risk to patients.

Home Forum - Dipping Into America's Penmanship Past
"> Wednesday August 6, 1997 Edition Dipping Into America's Penmanship Past Joan Donaldson 'Your handwriting is so beautiful," the clerk at the post office said, sighing. "I'm sure yo


Nice Penmanship!

gahoh Home Page-E
Welcome! Japanese language Maintained by Masayoshi Kanai to Japanese Home Page The penmanship of Japanese language movies Moving Web to Go IndexPage please writing

Horizons Penmanship: Manuscript; Manufactured by Alpha Omega Publishing; English; Trade Paper
Horizons Penmanship: Manuscript by Manufactured by Alpha Omega Publishing

Kinder-L Archives: penmanship font
penmanship font Date view Thread view Subject view Author view Joe & Lisa Wilkinson ( Sat, 31 Jul 1999 10:18:02 -0400 Next message: "Re: penmanship font" P

Nice Penmanship free chart to print
Nice Penmanship deserves a reward. Print this nice, free award chart.

A calligraphy art studio,since 1936, making certificates, diplomas, handlettered resolutions, scrolls, plaques, and offering promotional products, business gifts and incentives.

Calligraphie sur le Net-Liens Cynscribe<Cynscribe Calligraphy Compilation>
Over,1000 links related to calligraphybycategory;bookarts,handwriting,manuscripts,guild s,pens,inks,books,greetingcards,rubberstamps,heraldry,collag es,mail art etc...

Lesson Tutor : Printable Short Story: The Key
An original short story on life lessons in problem solving. Printable worksheet format for printing practice. Gr 1 - 3

Parent Power: Whatever Happened to Penmanship
Helping you make sense of schooling today October 1999, Vol. 1 - Issue 5 Parent Power! Helping You Make Sense of Schooling Today 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 204 Washington, DC 20036 1-202-822-9000

Insights - ECTips: The Value of Good Penmanship
Internet News Internet Investing Internet Technology Windows Internet Tech. Linux/Open Source Web Developer ECommerce/ Marketing ISP Resources ASP Resources Wireless Internet Downloads Internet Resour

Erasing the Stress on Penmanship
Print Edition Metro Articles Front Page Articles On Our Site Metro Section Traffic Education Communities Erasing the Stress on Penmanship With Children on Keyboards, Many Schools Deemphasize Proper Ha

Penmanship Not only did we have to spell well they wanted to be able to read it too!!! We found out that in pioneer times students could not write with their left hand, but she let Brandon. We practic Penmanship & Handwriting
Penmanship & Handwriting

WriterScrawl, June 30, 2001, Penmanship
Penmanship by WriterScrawl © 2001 Kathy Meader, all rights reserved Here she comes; she and her five fingers grab me, use me, and then toss me away until I'm needed again, that is if she's lucky enoug

Teachers.Net Focus Session - Teaching Handwriting/Penmanship in the Age of the Computer - Startwrite Handwriting Softwar
Teachers.Net Focus Wednesday, May 5, 1999 Teaching Handwriting/Penmanship in the Age of the Computer with Bill Barlow of Startwrite Kathleen - Tonight's discussion is on the topic of teaching handwrit

The Paper Treasures - Penmanship
The Paper Treasures I have found that the following article has helped many of my clients and friends understand the necessities of good penmanship, especially inregards to wedding invitations. The ar

Penmanship/Handwriting Policies
Penmanship/Handwriting Policies Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Return to Audit Data - Phase I Created: 4/7/98 Updated: 4/27/98

Handwriting and penmanship resources for homeschooling
Resources to teach and improve your penmanship.

Penmanship and Reading Resources
Materials for teaching printing, printing workbooks, reading guides, Pathway Readers and McGuffey's Readers.

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