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    Math Links

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuhu.

Let me know if you find something else helpful or find a dead link!

24 Game Mathematics Club -add, subract, multiply, divide interatice game

AAA Math - metric conversion, flashcards, games

A Plus Math

Abacus - the art of calculating with beads

All Math - tools & games, reference page, links to math websites

Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math Sites from Exploratorium

EdHelper - nice site, online lessons, games & printables

Fantastic Math Tips

Games - numbers, words, universe, culture

INEW Mathematics Database The INEW website provides a large mathematics database which is useful for practicing and sharpening various skills for students in grades K-6. You will find over 500 core math skills with millions of variations, a fun and helpful demonstration to get you started, as well as a brief overview that highlights our mission, benefits and service.

King's List of On-Line Math Activities - extensive list of links - online math activities

Math at Dositey - online flashcards for various skills and grades

Math File Game Room

Math Drill - drills at 76 levels - kids work their way up

Math Games

Math Goodies - interactive lessons on understanding percent, pre-algebra, circumference, area of circles, etc.

Math Lessons That Are Fun!

Math Word Problems - membership site

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator - many options and very easy, quick to use

Lesson Plans

Primary Games


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