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    Islamic Homeschooling Links

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuhu.

Let me know if you find something else helpful or find a dead link!

A Hadith A Day - receive daily emails of hadith...a must have!

Abalagh Bookstore - has comprehensive Islamic curriculum

Anasheed - download Islamic music here

ArabesQ Islamic Academy

Arabic Translator - you have to check this out!

Arabic Links - click here to see a list of arabic tutorials online, newspapers, etc.

Beginning Homeschooling for Muslim Families

E-Books for Muslims - Software and free downloads

Gigglepotz - don't let the name scare you away...wonderful links & lesson plans on everything! Check out the World of Islam!

Hajj Quiz & more Hajj stuff here - this is a lot of fun

Harun Yahya books/article/video/audio on science

Homeschooling Chat for Muslims!


Islam for Children

Islam for Children- basic info about Islam for non-Muslims 7-9 years

Islam 4 Kids- poems, geography

Islamic Art - A lesson on mathematic patterns based on Islamic art.

Islamic Calligraphy Unit Study- nice lesson plans for older kids

Islamic Education Foundation

Islamic Educational & Muslim Home School Resources

Islamic Homeschool Association of North America, 1312 Plymouth Ct., Raleigh, NC 27610

Islamic History at Internet Medieval Sources or Islamic History Sourcebook

Islamic Kids- stories, games, poems, coloring pages

Islamic Short Stories (fiction and non-fiction)

Islamic Virtual School

Islamic Word Games & other publications at Fajr Library

Kid's Corner- games, stories

Kids Islamic Stories - subscribe here to get min. 1 post per week of Islamic stories for kids ages 4 to 9 years

Kids Zone- Islamic games for kids

Learn and Live the Quran online & daily posts of lesson plans for Quran including Arabic text, transiliteration, translation & activities

Learn Tajweed

Muslim Home Educators

Muslim Homeschool Network & Resource 1-508-226-1638

Muslim Homeschool

Muslim Kids - ebooks, stories & multimedia...inexpensive or free

Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomers

Muslim Teachers United...board for homeschooling moms and a great links database

PMHRN Islamic Homeschooling Web Directory

Prophets of Allah- listen to the stories of some of the prophets

Quran online or MP3 files:

Quran Reciter- Online Quran Reciter...choose a surah to hear (you choose the verses to have read and the number of times) Great!

Ahl Anbi (MP3 files)

Madressa (MP3 files...divided surahs)

More Quran (MP3 files)

Islam Way (MP3 files...list of many reciters)

Kitabullah (MP3 files)

Soumy Ana's Free Islamic Books - these are great online books and workbooks that can also be printed. Nice photos.

Summer Activities - what are your kids doing this summer? Here's some ideas from Islamic

Taqwa Gayong Academy

Tara's World of Islam - wonderful Arabic transliteration table & great list of links about teaching/learning Arabic

Truths for Kids - cute stories

UmmFatima's Homeschool Resource

Usborne Book Representative - Muslim source!

Witness Pioneer - good article on prophets among other things

World of Arab and Muslim Children in Picture Books


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