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    History Links

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuhu.

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Curriculum

Ancient India Lesson Plan

History for Kids - by BBC - cool online lesson on different peoples along with activities & teacher/parent section

History & Social Studies for K-12 Teachers - locating history sites on the internet...archeaology, creative applications, diversity, e-texts/books/zines, genealogy, general guides, geography, economics, government, humanities, art, non-Western history sites, European history, American History, general histroy, k-12 resources, colosseum/Floavian Amphitheatre, resources for writers, research/critical thining, media sites, religion/ethics/philosophy, resource for parents, news, and more

History Link 101 - lots of links, lesson plans, maps, etc.

History Timelines

Introduction to Ancient World Cultures on the World Wide Web

Islamic Foundtion of the Renaissance

Mr Donn's Ancient History - lesson plans and activities

National Geographic - lesson plans, etc.

Timelines for the Classics - extensive list of links and timelines

US History - watch movies here

Usborne History Books

Virtual Tours of Museums


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Lesson Plans

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