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    General Homeschooling Links

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmat Allahu wa barakatuhu.

Let me know if you find something else helpful or find a dead link!


A to Z Homeschool's Cool - This is a fantastic site with great startup info and lots of links.

American School Board Journal- thought provoking articles and links

Bill Beaty's Homeschool Resources...great list of links

Charlotte Mason- The Original Homeschooling Series

Charlotte Mason- Christian homeschooling using CM education

Coyle's Where In The Web - homeschooling links and how-to's and getting started

Dinah Zike - great books on science & making lapbooks - check it out!

Eclectic Homeschool (good info)

Hoagie's Gifted Education Page- site for gifted education for kids, parents and educators...curriculum, links, articles, books, etc.

The HomEduStation

Homeschool Fun - lesson plans, support group listing, curriculum school listing, book review & more

Homeschool Mom's Freebies

Homeschool Support on the Internet - It contains a wealth of information; you could become lost in it. Those of you who have been wondering about testing and scope and sequence may find the links to Grade Level Curriculum Guides helpful ('the guides at Mental Edge are the most comprehensive I've seen on the net'...homeschooling mom).

Homeschool Teacher's Lounge

Homeschooling Helpers - assessment, curriculum, testing, organization

I Know That - yes, this is for the kids (and adults) who think they know everything

Jon's Homeschool Resource

Kids Hub - Kids Hub is a noncommercial educational portal for elementary and middle school students. It features free online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes.

Montessori- method for learning

Natural Child Project -

National Parent Info Network list of newsletters & magazines

Planning & Organizing - this website is great for getting day planner and other such printouts.

Pratt's Educational Resources for Parents and Teachers - General info, links for almost any topic, particularly free resources.

Puzzlemaker - make your own puzzles, cryptograms, mazes, etc. here

Searchlight - online newsletter, good links list, event list, unit studies

Site Review - This http address will get you to the "Site Reviews" (i.e. Education World Best of 2002 Website Reviews) more DIRECTLY.

Smarter Kids - educational materials, advice, family resource center, state text prep center

Standards by State - lists the standards for all 50 states and ranks them

Testing and Ecucational Resources at Thurber's

The Homeschool - advisor and bookstore with good, free newsletter

VegSource - for discussion boards, chat, unit ideas, used curriculum

Virtual Vanderbilt - teacher resources & links


Do you have any suggestions, comments or additions to this web site? I'd love to hear from you AND your kids....just email me.