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 Prophet Idris
(peace and blessings be upon him)


 Week 2


 Weekly Goal: Then and Now



Prophet Idris (peace be upon him) lived in 3000bc Babylonia/Mesopotamia and migrated to the Nile River. Look up the Nile River on globe. Discuss what country is there today (Egypt).


Then and Now

Learn about Egypt


Additional reading

  • The Stars in Geddoh's Sky by Claire Matze (32 pages Ages 3-7)
  • The Children of Egypt by Pitkanen (40 pages Age 8+ years)
  • Egypt by Pluckrose (30 pages)


Discussion questions

  1. On which continent is Egypt? Africa
  2. What is the most important natural resource of Ancient & Present Day Egypt? Nile
  3. Are people still living there today? Yes
  4. How have the land and people changed since the Prophet first called the people to Islam?


Activity 1

  1. Find the Nile River on map/globe.
  2. Go to Map of Ancient Egypt
  3. Visit Map of the Nile - scroll to the second map.
  4. Print out map and draw in the Nile River.
  5. Put map(s) into 'My Book of Prophets', at the end of the chapter.
  6. Take pictures of your projects and post them to be added to the website.
  7. Go to the park or in your backyard and dig a trench (Nile River). Fill with water.


Activity 2

  1. Go to Egypt, the Complete Guide and click on Egyptian recipes. Make it for dinner this week! Email the group to let them know whether you liked it or not. Take a picture of your dinner and post it to the group to be added to the website.


Activity 3

  1. Read The Day of Ahmed's Secret by Florence Parry Heide
  2. Learn to write your name in Arabic.
  3. Make a door hanger with your name and put it on your room.
  4. Take a picture and post it to the group to be added to the website.


Activity 4

  1. Read The Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale of Hieroglyphs by Tamara Bower and find another library book about hieroglyphs (Hieroglyphs from A to Z by Peter Der Manuelian - call number 493.1)
  2. Make an Egyptian hieroglyph scroll. Take a piece of paper and glue sticks or dowels to one end. Write a message in hieroglyph on the paper, roll it up, tie closed with a ribbon or yarn. (This can also be done on clay rolled out flat to make a "tablet")
  3. Open scroll. Have someone take a picture of you holding your scroll and post the picture to the group to be added to the website.
  4. Discuss what writing looks like in different languages. Discuss how people a long time ago used pictures instead of words when writing.




Allah knows best. Any errors are my own and any truth is only from Allah.